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Online Masterclass


Ready to up your brow game?

'Master the creative and aesthetic aspects of brow styling'
Designed to teach you everything you need to know about styling brows the Kobie Lee way, this masterclass is all about attention to detail.
Crisp brows with clean tint lines, sharp tails and a soft ombré front fade.
You will learn all of my personal tips and tricks to create flawless brows for your clients using brow lamination in conjunction with hybrid brow dye.

Designed for anyone from beginners to brow professionals who want to up-skill and learn new techniques, or introduce brow lamination to their service list.

You will have LIFETIME access to the masterclass to refresh your mind as often as you need.
See Masterclass Modules below

What’s included?


In depth theory and visuals on the brow lamination treatment in conjunction with hybrid brow dye

Learn how I created these 3 flawless brows above, plus 7 further tutorials!
A 130 page guidebook including 12 modules packed with in-depth content and extensive detail.

- 10 Video tutorials
- Payment plan options
- Certificate on completion
- Available worldwide (English subtitles on all video tutorials)
- 15% off Kobie Lee Brushes
- Industry discount code to purchase products
- Access to my private Facebook Group - I will be there to provide ongoing support to all of my students and cheer you on as you grow as brow artists!


This online masterclass is not an accredited course. As at the time of masterclass publication, accreditation is not currently needed in Australia in order to perform brow treatments on clients.  To gain an accredited brow qualification you would need to undergo study at either an accredited beauty college or TAFE to obtain a Certificate IV or Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Rules and regulations do differ between states/countries, so I highly recommend researching the regulations within the state you are located in.

Kobie Lee Brow Academy does not supply or send out training kits, we however do provide you with a student discount code for both Bella Beauty Professional and BROWED to purchase everything you need to get started. Both stores ship worldwide!

To purchase the masterclass, click here >> ENROL NOW

- Course Modules listed below

- Introduction
- Welcome
- Disclaimer
- About Kobie & KLBA - What’s Involved?

- Hair Anatomy
- What is Lamination?
- What is Brow Dye?

- Product lists
- Purchasing Products
- Aftercare Products
- Industry Discounts
- Product Knowledge
- Sterilisation
- The Brands

- Work Area Set Up
- Brow Preparation

- Brow Lamination Theory
- Suitable Clients
- Hair types
- Side Effects
- Processing Theory
- Maintenance
- Do's & Don't's
- Timeframes
- Contraindications
- Allergic Reactions

- Brow Mapping Theory
- Elements of asymmetry
- The golden ratio
- Diagrams
- Mapping with ruler
- Mapping with string
- Mapping with paste

- Brow Waxing Theory
- Contraindications
- Soft Wax v's Hard wax
- Wax Applications
- Do's & Don't's
- Reactions

- Brow Dye Colour Theory
- Colour Ratios
- Colour Matching
- Processing Times
- Cheat Sheets
- Tips & Tricks
- Application Technique
- Skin Stain

- Step by Step Treatment Process
- Application Guide
- Completing The Treatment
- Treatment Breakdown
- Important Key Points

- Social Media Tips & Tricks
- Camera Settings
- Lighting
- Editing Apps
- Our Models - Treatment Breakdown & Assessment

- Client Consultation
- Sample Consultation Form
- Aftercare Instructions

- Your Worth
- Income Calculator
- Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group
- What next?
- Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the Kobie Lee way of brows! Watch 6 hours worth of video tutorials and read through an extremely in-depth guidebook to learn all of my personal brow hacks, tips and tricks. I want to see you all absolutely kill the brow game from this point forward. I'm here to watch you all blossom! LET'S GO

There is no expiry date. Life time access babes!

Credit/debit cards
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Including 6 brand new tutorials recently added in May 2023

The online masterclass for Brow Lamination x Hybrid is not an accredited course. As at the time of masterclass publication, accreditation is not currently needed in Australia in order to perform brow treatments on clients.  The masterclass is purely based on Kobie’s personal brow knowledge.

Of course! You will receive your certificate once you complete the online training.

While I won't be sending out personal kits, most tools and products used in the masterclass can be purchased from Bella Beauty Professional. This is a one-stop shop for all your brow needs, and they have kindly offered a one use 15% discount code to all KLBS students.

This masterclass is designed for beginners as well as all professional brow artists wanting to either up-skill and perfect their lamination technique, or add brow lamination to their service list.

While our primary language for communication is English,
we are excited to announce that our latest video tutorials now come with closed captions in 11 different languages.

You can choose from Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Additionally, our extensive 140-Page Guidebook is accessible for download. Once downloaded, you have the freedom to translate the content at your convenience.

I have had one student confused by the title of the masterclass therefore I will explain in other words what this course name means.

Brow Lamination X Hybrid Dye

Meaning, brow lamination WITH hybrid brow dye. 'X' meaning 'cross' with.

This does not mean the masterclass is two separate courses. It covers one treatment using both techniques in conjunction with one another to create the perfect brow lamination.

The Hybrid Brow Dye treatment on its own will be the second released masterclass, currently being constructed.

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, you will receive a sign-up email from our training platform within minutes!

$545.00 AUD. You can change the currency down the very bottom of the website

YES - both waxing and extensive brow mapping are also included in this masterclass!

There most certainly are! You will have to sign up to one of our third-party payment plan providers to be able to use this option at checkout.

All providers we offer to you are interest free with a variety of payback regulations
The financial technology companies we offer to you are listed below:

- AfterPay
(4 fortnightly Payment Instalments)
Supported in: AUS, UK, USA NZ, CA.

- ZipPay
(12 monthly payment Instalments)
Supported in: AUS, UK, USA NZ, CA, MX.

Pay 1/6 today and the rest over five weeks. Available in New Zealand, Australian and UK

Split the cost of your purchase into 4 payments, over 6 weeks. No interest. Available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia and the USA.

- PayPal (Pay in 4 instalments)
Available worldwide

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